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Taueret Laboratories, LLC was founded in June of 2003 as a genetic services laboratory in Salt Lake City, Utah. The founders saw an unmet need in the medical community for state-of-the-art genetic data processing on an as-needed basis and committed to assist clinicians, specialists, and career geneticists in moving their genetic research forward. The company now offers a wide range of genetic laboratory services to medical researchers at all stages of their genetic research.

Most treatments for medical conditions generally address the symptoms of the disease rather than the cause. The exact biochemical mechanisms involved in many complex diseases, including the genetic mechanisms, have not yet been determined. Since the advent of the Human Genome mapping project, genetic discovery technologies have been constantly reinvented and improved, and examination of the genetic contributions to diseases is now a standard inquiry in disease research.

Taueret Laboratories has assembled state-of-the-art gene analysis technologies to aid investigators in identifying dysfunctional genes and how they predispose patients to diseases. The company is applying both population-based genetics and human reproductive approaches to finding the underlying causes and biological pathways of disease. These discoveries will lead to new treatments and new diagnostic tests, revolutionizing the ways in which medicine is approached.


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