03943-1 1g
EUR 71
Description: 7423-31-6

Atom Scientific Stains Laboratories manufactures the atom scienticic reagents distributed by Genprice. The Atom Scienticic reagent is RUO (Research Use Only) to test human serum or cell culture lab samples. To purchase these products, for the MSDS, Data Sheet, protocol, storage conditions/temperature or for the concentration, please contact Atom Scientific Stains. Other Atom products are available in stock. Specificity: Atom Category: Scienticic


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Description: Stains-All


EUR 129.6

Scientific Marker, BLACK

1 unit
EUR 8.33
Description: Scientific Marker, BLACK

Scientific Marker, BLUE

1 unit
EUR 8.33
Description: Scientific Marker, BLUE

Scientific Marker, GREEN

1 unit
EUR 8.33
Description: Scientific Marker, GREEN

Scientific Marker, RED

1 unit
EUR 8.33
Description: Scientific Marker, RED

Gram Stains - Kit

1 unit
EUR 23.23
Description: Gram Stains - Kit

Human Samples information

nickel atom

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Thermo Scientific mySPIN 6 Mini Centrifuge Transport Box with Inserts - EACH

75004086 EACH
EUR 189

Ethanol-OD 99 atom%

E02700 25G
EUR 281.08

Pyridine-D5 99.5 atom %

P29561 1G
EUR 132.72

Nitrobenzene-d5 99% atom %

N06768 5G
EUR 268.51

Phenanthrene-d10 98 atom%

P06273 100MG
EUR 451.2

Sodium borodeuteride 98 atom%

S04370 1G
EUR 377.23

Formic acid-d2 98 atom %

F05185 1G
EUR 416.55

Carbon (Amorphous) (13C, 99 atom %)

C780160 100mg
EUR 121
Description: 14762-74-4

Deuterotrifluoromethanesulfonic acid 98 atom%

D02367 1G
EUR 213.87

Deuterium oxide 99.99% atom%_x000D__x000D_

D02315 10G
EUR 579.92

Bolle ATOM ATOAPSI Safety Goggles - EACH

EUR 41.58

Brilliant Crystal Scarlet Solution

RRSP657-F 2.5L
EUR 24.43

Haematoxylin Gill (Formula III)

RRSP66-D 500ml
EUR 11.57

Haematoxylin Gill (Formula III)

EUR 19.58

Haematoxylin Gill (Formula III)

RRSP66-F 2.5L
EUR 38.1

Bromocresol Green 0.04% Alcoholic Indicator

RRSP6601-D 500ml
EUR 10.8